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Independently Owned Bike Shop Near Martyr Worthy

Experts in Bike, MTB & eBike Maintenance, Repair & Servicing

Welcome to Botley MTB; your regional bike store near Martyr Worthy, specialising in all elements of cycle repair work and maintenance. As eager riders ourselves, we know simply how important premium quality bike care truly is, which is why Botley MTB offers a large range of services to help keep your bike in tip top condition. From a bent wheel or snapped frame to dripping hydraulics or aesthetic damage, our workshop is created to handle everything.

We carry out all servicing at our very own unique on-site workshop; our fully equipped, devoted work area where we can provide your bike the attention it is in need of.

Repair work and maintenance is only a part of our story. We even run an on-site store, stocking whatever you need to customise your experience and make terrific on-road and off-road experiences. From new bikes made by number one brands like Orange, Transition, Pivot, THOK, Moustache, and Forme to good quality accessories, we have it all.

Bicycle, eBike & Mountain Bike Servicing & Repair

As specialists in every kind of bike servicing and maintenance, which includes, but is not restricted to, MTB bikes, Road bikes, Commuter Bikes, E-Bikes, Fixed Gear and Recumbent bikes, Botley MTB has all your possible bike servicing, maintenance and repair taken care of. If you’re looking for bicycle servicing near Martyr Worthy, we’re here to assist you. We offer a range of different maintenance packages to match all your requirements, from standard adjustments to extensive inspection and adjustments, including a complete cleansing and degreasing. We always work with the highest quality Muc-Off products that we frequently use on our own mountain bikes. As a Muc-Off ambassador, we can also provide the opportunity for a total Muc-Off biowash drivetrain clean, which is provided with every Gold Service visit.

*Prices do not include the cost of replacement parts (if required).

Bikes, MTB's and eBikes for Sale Near Martyr Worthy

Pay a visit to our shop in Botley High Street near Martyr Worthy or buy from us online.

Orange Bikes

Orange Bikes display the very best of British production, with designs such as the Alpine 6S offering the best journeys around with ingenious suspension layouts.

THOK Bikes

THOK is a leader in Italian-designed and engineered e-bikes with a solid and undeviating focus on high performance and development, like the popular THOK TK01.


Launched in 2007, Pivot had one objective: to build the world’s best performing bikes. And with the help of a top group of engineers, designers, and professional athletes, it’s achieved precisely that.


If you’re searching for a timeless riding experience, check out our range from Forme; a UK-based professional in hardtail mountain bicycle, like the Curbar 2 and Curbar 4.


Moustache specialises solely in eBikes, driving their whole focus into developing a new generation of eBikes that are more powerful and just eat up the miles.


Transition is a US brand based upon the west coast, and as an approved dealership we’re proud to be able to assist riders searching for Transition MTBs to buy near Martyr Worthy.


keeping you on the trail


components and spares


full and half shell


With finance alternatives offered from 0% APR, purchasing your brand-new bike is easy.

Mountain Bikes

Forme, Orange, THOK

Electric bikes

Forme, Orange, THOK

E-Bike Hire

Try an eBike

E-Bike Hire

From as little as ₤50 daily – along with helmet rental – you can choose among our advanced hire bikes and take a trip around town, head out on the open roadway, or get daring with some exhilarating off-roading. Come by and see what’s on offer.

Our e-bikes can progress between 20 and fifty miles per battery cycle, and each bike comes completely ready to hit the road, completely charged and completely maintained. For ease and comfort, we also offer a regional shipping service subject to conditions

Coffee & refreshments

Browsing our extensive collection of bikes and accessories can be thirsty work. However the good news is that our company offer a choice of drinks that you can purchase on-site. Our menu consists of all things from hot and cold drinks to cakes, cookies, and biscuits. Our menu consists of a choice of cold and hot refreshments, and energy-boosting treats. Make sure to come by on a Saturday when our speedy takeaway window is open.

Coffee & refreshments

Checking out our substantial collection of bikes and accessories can be thirsty work. However the bright side is that we offer a selection of refreshments that you can acquire on-site. Our menu consists of everything from hot and cold drinks to cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Our menu includes everything from comforting hot drinks to ice cold beverages, alongside a variety of scrumptious cakes, biscuits, and other delightful baked goods.

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