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Independent Bicycle Shop Near Hants

Shimano & Bosh Certified Experts in Bicycle, eBike & Mountain Bike Servicing & Repair

Botley MTB is an independently owned bike store near Hants providing expert repair and care services for MTBs and e-bikes, along with affordable bike hire and sales. Located on Botley High Street, and run by a team of spirited riders, our shop is rooted in quality, speed, and convenience: the three essentials of any fantastic adventure. We specialise in adjustments, examinations, cleaning, repair work, and complete security checks.

We carry out all services at our very own on-site workshop; our well-appointed, dedicated work area where we can provide your bike the attention it needs.

Even if your bike’s in great condition, it deserves popping in to see us if you’re looking for high quality cycle gear, and even a new bike. We stock an impressive variety of mountain bikes and e-bikes from top brand names like Pivot, Moustache, Orange, THOK, Forme and Transition, along with quality cycle clothes, cleansing products and more.

Bicycle, eBike & Mountain Bike Servicing & Repair

As experts in every type of bike servicing, which includes, but is not restricted to, Hybrid bikes, Road bikes, eBikes, Mountain bikes, Touring bikes and Women’s bikes, Botley MTB has all your bicycle servicing, maintenance and repair taken care of. No matter what kind of care and attention your eMTB needs – or what your maintenance budget is – we’ve created 3 fantastic plans for your eMTB maintenance and servicing near Hants, always ensuring you have piece of mind that your bike is up to any challenge, whatever that adventure might be.

*Prices do not include the cost of replacement parts (if required).

Bikes and Electric Bikes for Sale Near Hants

Head to our store in Botley High Street near Hants or purchase from us online.


We store a variety of styles from leading British MTB brand name Orange Bikes, including the vibrant Alpine 6S which is the perfect buddy for those off-road experiences.

THOK Bikes

THOK’s Italian crafted e-bikes are known all over the world, and we’re pleased to be able to bring excellent bikes like the THOK TK01 to British bikers searching for the absolute best.


Pivot’s bikes have a shared vision to produce with the dedication of a few of the world’s best professional athletes and innovative designers, industry veterans and engineers, some of the worlds most versatile Enduro bikes. From the Mach 6 to the Les 27.5, Pivot Cycles have a bike to suit pretty much any terrain.

Forme Bikes

Specialists in hardtail mountain bicycles, Forme is a UK MTB brand that’s known for its luxury Curbar series. The Curbar 2 hardtail mountain bike is one of our most popular designs.

Moustache Bikes

Controlling the ever growing eBike market, Moustache is a leader in E-bike innovations, developing pedal assisted bikes with authentic power.

Transition Bikes

We’re pleased to bring you the best from across the pond with our range of MTBs from US brand Transition, including the customised design Spire.


keeping you on the trail


components and spares


full and half shell


With finance options available from 0% APR, purchasing your brand-new bike is straightforward.

Mountain Bikes

Pivot , Orange, Forme

Electric bikes

Forme, Pivot, Moustache

E-Bike Hire

Try an eBike

Electric Bike Hire

From just ₤50 daily – along with helmet hire – you can select one of our advanced hire bikes and travel around town, head out on the open roadway, or get daring with some thrilling off-roading. Drop in and see what’s on offer.

Our bikes can progress as much as 50 miles per battery cycle, and costs begin with as little as ₤50 daily with helmet hire. There’s no consultation needed, so simply drop in and see what’s on offer, or get in touch to learn about our local shipment service.

Coffee & refreshments

When you get your bike, whether it’s your own – newly aligned and oiled for an epic ride – or an e-bike hire for a day out, why not come by to our on-site cafe, and get some yummy treats and chilled drinks for a mid-ride refuel? Or pick up a coffee. Our menu includes a variety of hot beverages consisting of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, in addition to cold fizzy drinks and delicious baked products like cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Coffee & refreshments

Did you know that, in addition to our dedicated cycle services, we also run a cosy on-site cafe? Why not stop by and indulge in some cool refreshments or a hot cup of tea while you’re out shopping? Or come by our takeaway window, open every Saturday.

Our menu includes a choice of hot beverages consisting of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, in addition to cold soft drinks and tasty baked products like cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

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