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Independently Owned Bicycle Shop Near Curbridge

Experts in Bike Servicing & Repair

On Botley High Street, a stone’s throw from the River Hamble, you’ll discover Botley MTB, an independent specialist in both mountain bicycles and eBikes. Offering a committed maintenance and bike repair service near Curbridge, we’re passionate about increasing performance and experience. As experienced cyclists ourselves, we realise how essential a friendly, professional partner is when it involves keeping your bicycle in peak condition.

We take on all servicing at our very own on-site workshop; our fully equipped, dedicated work space where we can provide your bike the attention it is in need of.

Our specialists – and their workshop – are only part of what we provide. Our store is completely equipped with everything you require to personalise and update your bike. We’ve developed a top collection of bikes manufactured by brand names like Orange, Transition, Pivot, THOK, Moustache, and Forme, together with high-grade equipment and quality accessories.

Bicycle, eBike & Mountain Bike Servicing & Repair

As experts in every possible type of bike servicing and maintenance, which incorporates, but is not limited to, Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Electric Bikes, Folding bikes and Touring bikes, Botley MTB has your bike servicing, maintenance and repair taken care of. We offer expert bike maintenance near Curbridge, with work always carried out by our knowledgeable team of experts. Specialising in both MTB servicing and Shimano and Bosch-certified electric bike servicing, we make sure your bike is always set up and ready to go. Here at Botley MTB, we’re proud to be an official Muc-Off ambassador, utilising only top quality Muc-Off items to clean and oil your bike. A complete Muc-Off wash is provided as standard with every Gold service plan, or could be purchased as needed.

*Prices do not include the cost of replacement parts (if required).

Bikes & Electric Bikes for Sale Near Curbridge

Check out our shop in Botley High Street near Curbridge or purchase from us through the online shop.

Orange Bikes

Dexterity, stability, and velocity are at the heart of the Orange Bikes principles. Made in Britain, and developed to the greatest British standards, Orange Bikes are made for difficult surfaces.

THOK Bikes

THOK’s Italian engineered e-bikes are recognised all over the world, and we’re proud to be able to bring terrific bikes like the THOK TK01 to British bikers trying to find the best.

Pivot Bikes

Pivot’s selection of bikes is incredibly diverse, and we’re pleased to be able to furnish our clients with a wide variety of high quality, professional grade MTBs to pick from.

Forme Bikes

Experts in hardtail mountain bicycles, Forme is a UK MTB brand name that’s renowned for its luxury Curbar series. The Curbar 2 hardtail mountain bicycle belongs to our favourite models.


Wondering where to discover the best E-bike for sale near Curbridge? Right here. We stock a comprehensive range of eBikes from Moustache: an international leader in eBikes.


American brand Transition has introduced a few of the best mountain bikes the world has ever seen, consisting of the Transition Sentinel that’s a truly unbeatable trail bike.


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Mountain Bikes

Pivot , Orange, Forme

Electric bikes

Orange, THOK, Transition

E-Bike Hire

Try an electric mtb

Electric Bike Hire

From as little as ₤50 each day – including helmet hire – you can select one of our state-of-the-art hire bikes and travel around town, go out on the open roadway, or get daring with some exhilarating off-roading. Come by and see what’s on offer.

Our e-bikes can travel between twenty and fifty miles per battery cycle, and each bike comes completely prepared to hit the road, totally charged and entirely maintained. For ease and convenience, we even offer a local dispatch service dependent on terms and conditions

Coffee & refreshments

Did you know that, in addition to our dedicated cycle services, we also manage a cosy on-site coffee shop? Why not stop by and indulge in some cool treats or a hot cup of tea while you’re out shopping? Or visit our takeaway window, open every Saturday. Our menu includes a variety of hot beverages consisting of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, in addition to cold fizzy drinks and scrumptious baked items like cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Coffee & refreshments

Did you know that, as well as our professional cycle services, we also run a cosy on-site coffee shop? Why not come by and indulge in some cool snacks or a hot cup of tea while you’re out shopping? Or come by our takeaway window, open every Saturday.

Our menu consists of a choice of cold and hot refreshments, and energy-boosting treats. Be sure to drop in on a Saturday when our fast takeaway window is open.

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