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Independent Bike Shop Near Chilcomb

Shimano & Bosh Certified Experts in Bike Servicing & Repair

Botley MTB is an independent bike shop near Chilcomb offering professional repair work and care services for MTBs and e-bikes, as well as cost effective bike hire and sales. Situated on Botley High Street, and run by a team of spirited riders, our shop is rooted in quality, speed, and convenience: the three fundamentals of any terrific adventure. We specialise in adjustments, examinations, cleaning, repairs, and full security checks.

Specialising in both MTB’s and electric bikes, our Bosch and Shimano-certified services enable us to recondition, sustain, and secure all models of MTB and e-bike.

Our specialists – and their workshop – are only part of what we provide. Our retail store is fully stocked with whatever you need to personalise and improve your bike. We have actually constructed a top collection of bikes manufactured by brands like Orange, Transition, Pivot, THOK, Moustache, and Forme, in addition to state-of-the-art equipment and quality accessories.

Bicycle, eBike & Mountain Bike Servicing & Repair

As specialists in every type of bike servicing and maintenance, which incorporates, but is not restricted to, MTB bikes, Road bikes, Commuter Bikes, E-Bikes, Cyclocross and Gravel bikes, Botley MTB has all your bike servicing and maintenance taken care of. If you’re seeking a MTB service near Chilcomb, no need to look any further. We deliver a wide range of repair and maintenance services to suit all needs – and rectify any issues – from basic tune-ups and checks to comprehensive examinations and complete strip-downs. At Botley MTB, we like Muc-Off products so much so that we use them on our own mountain bikes, and proudly act as a Muc-Off ambassador, utilising their cleaners and lubricants as part of our servicing for all bronze, silver, and gold customers.

*Prices do not include the cost of replacement parts (if required).

Bikes and Electric Bikes for Sale Near Chilcomb

Visit our store in Botley near Chilcomb or buy from us online.

Orange Bikes

We stock a variety of designs from leading British MTB brand Orange Bikes, including the vibrant Alpine 6S which is the ideal companion for those off-road adventures.


THOK’s Italian designed e-bikes are known all over the world, and we’re pleased to be able to bring excellent equipment like the THOK TK01 to British bikers looking for the absolute best.

Pivot Bikes

Pivot is a leading MTB brand that’s launched some of the greatest working trips ever. We hold a choice of Pivot Cycles to provide you with a large variety of MTBs to select from.


UK-based Forme is the brand responsible for must-have MTBs like the Curbar 2. If you’re looking for hardtail mtb available for sale near Chilcomb, Forme is the perfect solution.

Moustache Bikes

Moustache is a 100% eBike brand name, an international leader in eBikes. To date, the company has actually created upwards of 65 special models.

Transition Bikes

Transition is a US brand based upon the west coast, and as an official dealership we’re proud to be able to assist riders searching for Transition mountain bikes for sale near Chilcomb.


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Mountain Bikes

Pivot , Orange, Forme

Electric bikes

Forme, Orange, THOK

E-Bike Hire

Try an electric mtb

E-Bike Hire

Whether you would like to see what the e-bike innovation is all about prior to committing to a purchase, or you simply wish to hire a bike to enjoy a day out riding the local tracks, our e-bike hire service is precisely what you need. And there’s a complete variety to choose from.

Our e-bikes can travel between twenty and 50 miles per battery cycle, and each bike comes entirely prepared to hit the road, completely charged and fully maintained. For ease and comfort, we also provide a regional dispatch service subject to conditions

Coffee & refreshments

When you get your bike, whether it’s your own – newly lined up and oiled for an impressive ride – or an e-bike hire for a day out, why not drop in to our on-site coffee shop, and grab some yummy treats and cooled beverages for a mid-ride refuel? Or stop for a coffee. Our menu consists of a selection of cold and hot beverages, and energy-boosting treats. Make sure to drop in on a Saturday when our rapid takeaway window is open.

Coffee & refreshments

When you get your bike, whether it’s your own – newly aligned and oiled for an epic ride – or an e-bike hire for a day out, why not come by to our on-site cafe, and get some tasty treats and chilled beverages for a mid-ride refuel? Or stop for a coffee.

Our menu includes a selection of hot and cold beverages, and energy-boosting treats. Be sure to visit on a Saturday when our quick takeaway window is open.

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