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Independently Owned Bike Shop Near Bishop Sutton

Experts in Bike Servicing & Repair

Situated on Botley High Street, Botley MTB is a professional bike shop near Bishop Sutton that’s devoted to helping regional riders get the most from their gear. Separately owned and operated by spirited riders, we know exactly what it takes to improve efficiency, comfort and fun, offering professional repair and maintenance services that keep your bike in top condition at home, on the road and on the track.

Specialising in both MTB’s and electric bikes, our Bosch and Shimano-certified services enable us to mend, maintain, and secure all designs of MTB and e-bike.

Repair and upkeep is just part of our story. We also manage an on-site retail store, stocking everything you need to customise your adventure and produce great on-road and off-road experiences. From new bikes made by leading brand names like Orange, Transition, Pivot, THOK, Moustache, and Forme to good quality accessories, we have everything.

Bicycle, eBike & Mountain Bike Servicing & Repair

As specialists in every kind of bike servicing, maintenance and repair, which incorporates, but is not restricted to, Hybrid bikes, Road bikes, eBikes, Mountain bikes, Fixed Gear and Recumbent bikes, Botley MTB has your bike servicing sorted. No matter what sort of care your mountain bike is in need of – or what your maintenance and servicing budget is – we’ve created three fantastic plans for your eMTB maintenance near Bishop Sutton, always ensuring you have confidence that your mountain bike is ready for any challenge, whatever that adventure might be.

*Prices do not include the cost of replacement parts (if required).

Bikes, MTB's & Electric Bikes for Sale Near Bishop Sutton

Stop by our shop in Botley High Street near Bishop Sutton or purchase from us through the online shop.


We stock a series of models from top British MTB brand name Orange Bikes, consisting of the lively Alpine 6S which is the best companion for those off-road adventures.

THOK Bikes

If you’re looking for e-mountain bikes available near Bishop Sutton, take a look at our series of Italian-designed electric bikes from THOK, like the well-known THOK TK01.


Launched in 2007, Pivot had one target: to build the world’s finest working bikes. And with the help of a top team of engineers, designers, and professional athletes, it’s attained precisely that.


Professionals in hardtail mountain bicycles, Forme is a UK MTB brand that’s recognised for its luxury Curbar series. The Curbar 2 hardtail MTB belongs to our favourite designs.


Moustache is a 100 percent eBike brand name, an international leader in eBikes. To date, the company has actually created upwards of 65 special models.

Transition Bikes

Transition is a US brand based upon the west coast, and as an official dealer we’re proud to be able to assist riders searching for Transition MTBs to buy near Bishop Sutton.


keeping you on the trail


components and spares


full and half shell


Take the tension out of purchasing a new bicycle with finance beginning with only 0% interest.

Mountain Bikes

Forme, Orange, THOK

Electric bikes

Pivot , Orange, Forme

E-Bike Hire

Try an E-bike

E-Bike Hire

From ₤50 per day – including helmet hire – you can nip off on some of our state-of-the-art e-bikes, and see for yourself why electrical bikes are eventually becoming more and more popular. From a trip out at the park to a trail adventure with mates, it’s your day, your way.

Our bikes can travel as much as 50 miles per battery cycle, and rates start from just ₤50 daily with helmet hire. There’s no consultation required, so simply drop in and see what’s on offer, or get in touch to discover our local shipment service.

Coffee & refreshments

Whether you’re here to pick up your brand-new bike, you’re waiting to collect your bike after a service, or you’re simply scanning our collection, why not pick up some refreshments? We provide a selection of drinks and snacks, with a takeaway service on Saturdays, too. Our menu consists of a choice of hot beverages consisting of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, as well as cold sodas and delicious baked goods like cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Coffee & refreshments

Did you know that, as well as our dedicated cycle services, we also run a cosy on-site cafe? Why not visit and indulge in some cool refreshments or a hot cup of tea while you’re out shopping? Or stop by our takeaway window, open every Saturday.

Our menu includes a variety of hot beverages including tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, as well as cold fizzy drinks and tasty baked products like cakes, cookies, and biscuits.